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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The blog

The blog, otherwise known as the incredible time sink.  I can't even bear to calculate, let alone tell you how many hours I have spent this week trying to compose, edit, add pictures to, save and publish just this one new biographical page.  A huge thank you owed to James Horne, whose computerly expertise and patience with luddites is massively appreciated.

I'm going to write about books I've enjoyed reading, thoughts I've enjoyed thinking, exhibitions I've seen, films I've watched, music I've sung along to, conversations I've joined in with, and possibly some made up stuff - stories right out of my head.

This is the lady that lives in the gap between the wall and painting in the room I use as a study.  Hamish made her and she was based on me.  She lives too high up to dust, which is why she is covered by a fine grey patina.

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