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Things I make

Here are some cushions I've made recently.  If you like them, and think a customised fabric picture would make a good present for someone, then do get in touch.  You might be able to afford it.  I will consider any design, any materials, any size.  These are all cushions, but no reason they shouldn't be wall hangings.  

This is a cushion I made for a friend's birthday, based on a private joke.  Felt shapes have been machine sewn onto a cotton background.  

This should probably have been ironed before I took its photo.  It is made of a combination of embroidery, applique, with a few buttons thrown in.  

This one is a work in progress - I've yet to put the words in the speech bubbles, embroider the faces and add some letters of a name.  They are all private references, particular to the person.

And this is the cushion, finished, a present for my daughter's 19th birthday.

The baby is Imogen at two, when she sang Maria from West Side Story all the way to the Loire, well, all the times she wasn't sucking on that tee shirt - the blue one it was called, but it was really a sort of dirty grey. Later she played the pious nun (ironically), in the Sound of Music.

In the background are the seven hills of Sheffield where she's off to university in September. Also are car jokes, diving jokes, an Ahead Only sign meaning go towards your dreams, and a piece of pure joyous poetry from our mutually favourite genius. It says:

May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
And may you stay forever young

She loved it.

Here is one I made for a friend of mine.  She thinks her work's cut out bringing up five kids, she should try making them out of felt. 

Here are another couple of cushions I made as wedding presents recently.  The cat theme is coincidental.  The black cats are portraits of ours and our neighbours' cats, who are good friends.  You'd know them if you saw them. 

This next one is a copy of the picture on the couple's "save the day" card.  They got married on the 10th September.  It's written the wrong way round, because they're American.

I had this brilliant idea to remake some famous paintings in felt and turn them into cushions.  It's a bit Post Modern, and also rather lovely.  So, here is my first one, almost there.  

Only when I checked the painting's title, I discovered it was a fake, in the style of Modigliani, by someone called Dehory.  Which probably makes it even more interesting, in a Post Modern kind of way.  I think I'll stuff the cushion with rocks. 

Here's a little bit of knitting.  I love having it on the go, but am really too slow to be viable.  The yarn is a combination of silk and cashmere, completely gorgeous.