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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Early Bird

I joined the RSPB a couple of weeks ago, and they sent me a birdbox as a free gift. That afternoon I nailed it to a tree and within an hour and a half, a pair of great tits found it, checked it out and moved in. It was as if they'd got hold of the Evening Standard just as it came off the press, rung the agent and gone round immediately; paid their deposit, then and there, in cash. Two days later, next door's cat had sussed the development and, even though he is not that agile and rather overweight, managed to balance on a branch in striking distance of the entrance. That must be like finding out the central line runs directly below your flat, no mention of that in the advert. The birds are going to be alright. I reckon if the cat made a swipe, he'd fall off onto the Hydrangea, and we've fixed up a cone of wire mesh incase he turns out to be more sporty than he looks.

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